Continental bring augmented reality to the road

Posted: August 14, 2014

As great as the digital dashboards of today are, Continental’s Augmented Reality Head-up Display (AR-HUD) allows drivers to keep their heads up and on the road, whilst being displayed information on their wind shield.

Just like in a driving computer game, information such as your speed, distance from the vehicle in front and upcoming driving conditions can be displayed on your wind shield, using Digital Micromirror Drive (DMD) technology, something that has also been used in digital cinema devices. The AR-HUD overlays full colour graphics on the real road view in a high section of the driver’s field of vision and the data is captured by the vehicle’s camera and radar. The Augmented Reality Display also integrates the car’s dynamics data, digital maps and GPS positioning, which also assists in warning you of when a turn is coming up, avoiding distraction from the other way finding devices including mobiles.

Continental’s Augmented Reality Display is developed from previous other HUD systems used on racing cars, however this system allows the driver to receive information through electronics all within the car, rather than in the track as well. The AR-HUD is currently being tested in a demo vehicle and Continental plans to have a production ready version by 2017.


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