New wearable technology to use tattoo as microphone

In May this year, we reported how researchers at the University of Carolina had created a Brain Machine Interface – a tattoo-like wireless device that attached to the forehead and could therefore allow for a computer to be controlled by

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VGA to be completely wiped out by 2015

All of the major computer manufacturers have claimed that all VGA outputs will be replaced by DisplayPort and HDMI in the next couple of years. LVDS, the native signal that carries video around the computer is being replaced by DisplayPort

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Tablet popularity continues to grow in UK

According to a new report from eMarketer, a third of the British population now use a tablet at least once a month whether it’s their own, or shared by the family. It is predicted that by 2017 half of the

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Microsoft’s Illumiroom is dimmed down for now

Back in May this year, you would have seen our news article on Microsoft’s Illumiroom project, which uses projection and a Kinect to create an immersive space for gaming and films. Despite being every tech lover’s dream, it appears we

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Interactive digital signage is far from despicable

Have your children dragged you over to a Despicable Me 2 sign yet? If they have we don’t blame them, as Universal Pictures have come up with a promotional campaign that integrates smart phone control, interactive digital signage and social

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Is the hype of 3D already dying out?

Entering a 3-dimensional world through our screens became all the rage when the likes Avatar created an immersive experience filled with colour. The thought of putting on these magical glasses was exciting and previous films were reborn with this extra

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Germany tests out talking train windows

BBDO Germany are using bone conduction technology to create adverts that start playing to a passenger when they lean their head on the window. Bone conduction technology is a technique where sound is transmitted to the inner ear by passing

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The rise of tablets in education

It was obvious tablets were going to continue their popular demand in the education sector but for many it was a surprise just how quick the increase has occurred. The British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) have compiled some interesting facts

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