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Communication plays an integral part of any business, so sourcing equipment that facilitates sharing ideas and information throughout any size organisation is vital. By understanding specific requirements from the very beginning and our attention to detail, we have been able to support large corporations such as BskyB and British Airways with their ongoing requirements. Whilst technical solutions of the past would take forever to load up, audio visual equipment nowadays allows a user to plug-and-play, whether it’s using a projector, video conferencing system or large presentation display. To give you more of a feel for a product, we can bring equipment to your location for demonstrations allowing you to evaluate the product in your own environment, as we know how hard it is to escape the office. Paragon Multimedia is aware of corporate budgets and so we recommend systems such as video conferencing, which can bring several offices together simultaneously without the need for travel costs and lost time.

Many displays and audio products are focused on helping companies reduce their carbon footprint, so energy saving features and a  lower power consumption is always available. Keeping your employees in the loop is essential in the corporate environment and also increases team building and morale. Digital signage is an engaging way to share company information around the building, whether it’s in the canteen, reception area or in a hallway on route to the next meeting.

By keeping up to date with all the latest AV possibilities, we can guarantee a system that will be user friendly for both staff and visitors, without minimising the quality of the sound and image.


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