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Throughout our ten years installing audio-visual for educational establishments, it is apparent just how much the younger generation understands and relies on technology. With children as young as three now having access to tablets, the necessity to integrate this knowledge into the classroom has become imperative. Manufacturers have designed apps for mobile devices that cater to all ages and abilities learning an array of subjects and with the teacher in mind, the content is secure and can be monitored at all times. Research has proven that collaboration and interactive devices increase concentration and learning and it’s not just the pupils that benefit.

Teachers and lecturers have the opportunity to mark work and communicate with struggling pupils interactively to avoid embarrassment. As well as BYOD capabilities, there are also audio systems available to make sure a teacher’s voice is heard without strain and projection solutions allow for all media to be shown at a high definition from any device or cloud system. Gone are the days of wheeling in the television trolley, just plug in and share your content with the class, use video conferencing to share with another room simultaneously and then save your annotations for those absent from the lesson.

It isn’t just the classroom that can be aided by audio-visual. We have completed several hall systems that required high quality audio during assemblies or drama productions and a presentation solution on a larger scale. Digital signage is also a great way to enhance a reception area, with the capability to inform guests and pupils about the latest events, stats and images of the school.


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