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In many areas of the public sector, a team needs immediacy and precision so anything to increase this is more than beneficial, it could be lifesaving. Whether it’s the emergency services, healthcare or local services, Paragon are there to help you help others. We are conscious that to ensure everything is as accurate as possible; your team may require extensive training, which is why some of our former clients including the South East Coast Ambulance have chosen interactive whiteboards for team building and mass training.

The latest audio-visual technology means that subject specific content (such as health scans) can be displayed with major detail and shared to various locations, which helps save time and money and hastens the process. Video conferencing can also help keep everyone up to date with instant meetings from around the country whilst council halls and town halls can benefit from digital signage, communicating important information to their visitors. We appreciate how important audio is in council chambers, which is why we offer full audits before recommending a high quality solution. Like with all of our services, training can be given from Paragon to make sure you and your team achieve the best results with your system.


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