Over the past 10 years Paragon have proven themselves as a company that can work with a deadline and budget in mind, on an array of different Audio Visual projects. We can guarantee that the same people that are sat down with you at the initial qualification will be the people who install and maintain your system. From concept to delivery and beyond, we have the ability to deliver world class installs in a certain timeframe thanks to the quality of our staff.

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Interactivity is one of the key areas in audio-visual as it has been proven to the most engaging way to retain your customers’, pupils’ or colleague’s attention. There have also been many studies proving that this technology increases the growth of learning. With this in mind, interactive boards and touch screens have triggered a massive boom in the market.

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It may take up half of the name and business of audio-visual, but it is often found that the audio side plays second best in your system compared to the visual aspects. This is something Paragon has tried to resolve over the last ten years, with attention to the all-round integration and not just the speakers.

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When Paragon Multimedia first started up ten years ago, projection was where it all began with the cumbersome, giant CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) projectors consuming workspaces without making up for it in quality. Since then things have advanced significantly, with projectors so small they can fit in your pocket with the ability to stretch across a large screen.

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In our past decade of working in the AV industry, digital signage is something that has really caught our attention, due to its endless possibilities and the growth of the technology in the last few years alone. Due to its diversity in size, actions and audiences, the appeal is visible for any location, regardless of sector.

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Video conferencing solutions combine video, audio and more recently annotations to allow the ultimate collaboration in any environment. With the growth of internet bandwidths, conversation can flow smoothly and can include multiple participants simultaneously. This can assist with decreasing carbon footprint and budgets on travel or accommodation, making it ideal for large business with international offices.

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