AV Programming

AV Programming

After completing your AV installation, Paragon Multimedia use the latest calibrated equipment to ensure functionality within the system is optimised. This includes:

  • AV programming
  • AV commissioning
  • AV testing

Our expert consultant will then provide full ‘hands on’ training, to you and your teams, on all areas and applications. This guarantees that no features are missed and that you can get the most out of your system. As well as the manufacturer guides, we can provide our own manuals and drawings to assist your understanding of the care and usage of the equipment.

The Benefits of AV Programming

AV Programming is more than just configuring the system to get it up and running. By confirming inputs and outputs, discussing requirements and tailoring the system to your needs we can develop control panel personalisation which will give you full control options and make the system intuitive and easy to use.

In choosing Paragon Multimedia, you will benefit from 10 years of AV industry experience, covering multiple sectors including corporate, education and public. We have developed strong working relationships with our clients, through a client-led approach, innovative solutions and an emphasis on communication. Based in Slough, Berkshire, we provide AV Programming across the UK.

Please don’t hesitate in contacting us if you have any questions, would like further information or would like to discuss your requirements.


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