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Home Cinema System

As homes fill with technology, there is a growing desire for the latest in displays and automation, especially when it comes to home cinema systems. At Paragon Multimedia we offer a full and bespoke service including design, installation and set up of your system.

Our home cinema installations make use of the latest in screen and surround sound technology and can include cutting edge control systems that link your lighting and climate as well as your volume and channels.

Our Home Cinema Systems & Installation services will give you the ultimate in home entertainment with perfectly balanced sound and a clear image.

What is a Home Cinema System?

Sometimes referred to as Home Theatres or Home Entertainment Systems, a Home Cinema System is designed to use audio and visual equipment to bring the ambience, excitement and experience of the cinema into your home.

Luxury without leaving the house

As technology improves, home cinema systems have got more and more impressive. Long gone are the days when simply having surround sound and a screen were considered cutting edge. Whilst they are still a central part of any home cinema set up, our latest installations have so much more:

  • Automated climate and lighting control to create the perfect ambiance for watching your favourite movie.
  • High quality wireless and surround sound audio, perfectly balanced to fully immerse you in the cinema experience.
  • Integrated static or motorized mounts for screens to help you achieve the optimum viewing angle and set up.
  • Control panels that combine all of the above so that you can control it all from anywhere in the house, with just one device.

Working out of our offices in Berkshire, we carry out home cinema system installations both locally (including London) and further afield across the rest of the UK. If you have any questions, want to discuss your ideas and requirements, or would like a product demonstration then contact us and speak to one of our experts.


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