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Interactivity is one of the key areas in audio-visual as it has been proven to be the most engaging way to retain your customers’, pupils’ or colleague’s attention. There have also been many studies proving that this technology increases the growth of learning. With this in mind, interactive whiteboards and touch screens have triggered a massive boom in the market.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is the latest phase thanks to the ever increasing use of tablets and smart phones, meaning collaboration is taken into account by several manufacturers that allow notes and adjustments to be made by several different users, all of whom can share and save online. For more information on collaboration, read more on the Whiteboard Software page.

Upcoming products continue to take advantage of interactive technology with the likes of gesture recognition, audience analytics and voice control, all of which assist with accurate and fast decision making and keeping the user focused.

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards connect a computer to a projector (some have computers already integrated). The computer’s desktop is then projected onto a board and users can control the computer using a pen, stylus or their fingers. This enables users to collaborate, annotate documents, videos & more, and share immediately via email or by printing out.

The technology first became popular in classrooms, although the business uses have become more and more apparent in recent years, and there has been an uptake from businesses wanting to take advantage of the streamlining and knowledge sharing that the technology allows.

At Paragon Multimedia we provide a full range of interactive whiteboard services for schools & businesses, including updating whiteboard software.

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Interactive whiteboard & technology solutions

We have strong working relationships with the leading suppliers of interactive technology and take pride in providing high-end, state-of-the -art solutions to clients. Below are a few options for current interactive whiteboards and touch display solutions that we have found to be popular:

Paragon Multimedia have over 10 years experience in the Audio Visual industry and operate out of our offices in Slough, Berkshire. With clients both locally (including London) and further afield around the rest of the UK, we have worked with multiple industries and sectors.

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