Interactive Whiteboards for Business

Interactive Whiteboards for Business

Here at Paragon Multimedia we specialise in installing, and offering support for, interactive whiteboards for business. From our offices in Slough, Berkshire we serve the whole of the UK, working across multiple industries and sectors. Contact us today for advice, to book a demo or for further information.

Why choose an interactive whiteboard for business?

With a vast amount of possibilities now available with interactive whiteboards, sectors other than education have become aware of the potential the technology has.

The benefits of electronic, interactive whiteboards for business:

  • Interaction has been proven to increase productivity
  • Multi touch and multi devices provide ultimate participation
  • Share and save annotated documents over the network
  • Allow participants to share from remote locations
  • All media displayed at a high resolution

How can interactive whiteboards be used in business?

Whether it’s training for a government service, or annotating a Powerpoint presentation in the meeting room, interactive flat panels and whiteboards have tracking that makes the touch more accurate. Annotations can be made throughout meetings to powerpoint presentations, videos, graphs and more, which can then be saved and shared across several devices.

This creates an appeal to businesses who not only see the value in collaborative meetings and knowledge share, but also those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and budgets, thanks to remote participation.

With BYOD becoming ever more popular this technology has developed greatly in recent years, meaning more options are open to businesses and, ultimately, that they are saving both time and money when in meetings.

Interactive whiteboards from Paragon Multimedia

Paragon Multimedia have over 10 years of experience in the Audio Visual industry, and have worked with clients across multiple industries and sectors. With strong working relationships with leading manufacturers, we take pride in supplying high-end, state-of-the-art products to our clients.

Our approach to installing interactive whiteboards in business is client-led, meaning that we take the time to understand your requirements, environment and budget and create a set up that suits you.

Once your interactive whiteboard has been installed we offer comprehensive training, from Smart certified staff, to you and your teams. This is  to ensure that you are making the most of the device and can maintain it as required. When it comes to support, our teams are always at hand to help with issues such as solving calibration problems, so feel free to contact us online or over the phone on 0845 226 1675.


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