Interactive Whiteboards for Schools

Here at Paragon Multimedia we specialise in installing, and offering support for, interactive whiteboards for schools. From our offices in Slough, Berkshire we serve the whole of the UK, working with schools, colleges and councils to ensure that you can make the most of the technology. Contact us today for advice, to book a demo or for further information.

Interactive Whiteboards For Schools

Why choose an interactive whiteboard for the classroom?

Interactive whiteboards are an increasingly popular choice in the classroom, and it’s not hard to see why. They are suitable for all ages of students and used to their full potential they encourage collaboration, allow for media enriched demonstrations, facilitate virtual classrooms and allow teachers to incorporate different learning styles into their lessons.

Interactive whiteboards aren’t just for the larger, more technologically advanced schools either; one-computer classrooms can benefit from them too, especially where collaborative efforts at the computer terminal and the whiteboard can enable multiple students to take advantage of the technology available, all at the same time.

 Top features of an interactive whiteboard:

  • Add annotations to text, images and videos, such as notes and drawings.
  • Highlight passages of text
  • Save and share annotated documents digitally (in a virtual learning environment) or print
  • Demonstrate and interact with digital content & media

Examples of Interactive Whiteboards for Schools in practice:

There are many ways in which the interactive whiteboard technology can be applied in the classroom, all of which will be determined by the end users and specific desired outcomes. Here are some examples to give you an idea:

Interactive Whiteboard – Example 1:

If you’re showing a video to demonstrate a physics principle in a science lesson, you can pause the video and highlight key information, such as the direction of the forces, by drawing on the board.

Interactive Whiteboard – Example 2:

In a history lesson, you can show an image of a map and annotate it by adding labels and arrows to indicate the movement of armies during a battle. This annotated drawing could then be saved and circulated to the students digitally or by printing it out.

Paragon Multimedia offer interactive whiteboards for schools complimented with support and maintenance

When Paragon Multimedia first formed, interactive whiteboards were one of our main focuses and at the same time, schools were starting to integrate AV into the curriculum. Unfortunately the problem they were faced with was the government-driven roll out of interactive systems and these went to the cheapest bidder. This resulted in the training and support being missed out of the process. Paragon recognised the lack of support available for schools and colleges and as a consequence have created strong working relationships with councils in London such as Camden and Kensington & Chelsea, providing consistent support in the classrooms.

When it comes to support, our Smart certified staff can assist with training up new users and solving calibration problems, so feel free to contact us online or over the phone on 0845 226 1675.


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