Video Conferencing Equipment


Most video conferencing systems will consist of a camera, microphone, display and a codec to compress and transmit the signals. We are able to provide systems ranging from simple plug-and-play collaborative solutions to a fully-integrated HD image and sound systems. Additional input equipment such as visualisers can be included in the presentation with ease so that close up images can be shared of prototypes or technical drawings. As well as being ideal in the business world, education is also benefitting from the flexibility of video conferencing. With many schools being overpopulated in the UK, video conferencing allows a teacher to present to two classrooms at once, without losing interaction with pupils.

Get the whole package:

  • HD instant video
  • High quality audio systems that allow everyone to get involved
  • Save time, money and the environment
  • Get the message across to a wider audience from one location
  • Record and save your conversation for future reference or to share


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