At Paragon Multimedia the support does not stop at the end of the installation. We’re aware that although the system or equipment will have been tested and running at its optimum, anything can happen and through the process we build a relationship with that allows you to contact us whenever you need any form of support. Below are some of the services we offer for all our clients.



We offer bespoke maintenance program contracts to our clients depending on their specific requirements. We discuss response times and the number of rooms you wish to be involved, as well as preventative maintenance visits where necessary. To ensure your equipment is fully protected, we can offer telephone support, replacement products and facilitate the repair of components doing all the liaising with manufacturers so you don’t have to.



Our audio visual audits consist of our consultant visiting your site to inspect any existing equipment, whether we installed it or not. The benefit of these audits is that you will receive a written report highlighting where equipment is working to its optimum or where there are issues to be addressed. They save money too; as we could help you avoid spending on replacement equipment on a product that doesn’t need it.  Likewise, we can use these visits to offer reports on rooms not yet equipped with audio-visual systems, which allows you to realise the possibilities depending on factors such as room size, ambient lighting and electrical points.



At Paragon we feel there is no better way when having to decide on a product suitable for your organisation than getting to see it in the flesh and try it out yourself. That’s why we have a ‘Look, Feel, Think, Buy’ motto and offer demonstrations on the latest products across the audio-visual spectrum. We can bring the product to your site, so that you don’t need to imagine how it would fit in with the rest of your environment, or you can come visit us to see it working in conjunction with other AV elements.

Tech Zone

Our Tech Zone has been growing at a rapid speed since its launch and we have no intention of stopping the volume of content available to you. Our unique, online information hub allows everyone to keep up to date with the latest product launches and technology being displayed regardless of your audio-visual experience. Covering all product lines including display, interactivity and audio, our Tech Zone allows you to influence the content that we share. Simply send us your query or point of interest and we will do the research for you. This way, you get the specific information you require and we can share the solution with others who may be in the same situation.

Software upgrades

To ensure you’re benefiting from fast speeds and the latest applications of interactive systems, keeping your software updated is vital. We offer software upgrades on all the leading manufacturers’ products. We make sure you have all the latest features for your equipment and get it running at the pace it can achieve.



To ensure your team feel confident using the equipment to its full potential once the install is complete, we offer on-site user training on all system designs. Whether there are new staff that need to find their way around the product, or you just need a refresher session to confirm you are utilising all the features, our professional consultants will be able to deliver concise and detailed training that give everyone the confidence they need to communicate with ease.


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