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Germany tests out talking train windows

bone conduction technologyBBDO Germany are using bone conduction technology to create adverts that start playing to a passenger when they lean their head on the window.

Bone conduction technology is a technique where sound is transmitted to the inner ear by passing vibrations through the skull and makes it feel as though the sound is coming from inside the users’ head. Advertising company BBDO developed the concept for broadcasters Sky Deutschland and the Talking Window campaign was showcased recently at the Cannes’ Festival of Creativity.

The audio is created by a transmitter made by Audiva and is attached to the windows, yet no one else can hear the message around you. Although this concept may sound very annoying for the public just wanting to rest their tired heads, this is only the beginning and the future may hold several more applications, including entertainment, music or transport information, wiping out headphones on trains.

You may have heard about bone conduction technology before in out Tech Zone, as it has been used for the sound on the latest phenomenon Google Glass. Other applications that have already been created using the technology is hearing aids, headphones for swimmers and athletes and for magician’s illusions.

We just thought we’d give you a head’s up before you worried you were going insane from the voices inside your head.

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