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AV April showers come early at the Barbican gallery

Rain Room, Barbican, London, UK.The Rain Room exhibit at London’s Barbican art gallery may have finished last weekend, but it has by no means been forgotten. The visual marvel, which was created by young art group Random International, offered visitors the opportunity to walk through rain without getting wet. The majority of the experimentalists projects have incorporated audience participation along with new technologies and the rain room was no different as the hundred-square-metre corridor area is full with a downpour, which uses 3D-mapping cameras on the participants to stop the water in that section. The dark room is lit up with a glaring spotlight, creating a dramatic visualisation using 2,500 litres of water, all of which is recycled and filtered.

The exhibit may have finished in London but it has caused some excitement within the corporate industries, with possibilities of using this AV-based art in hotel receptions and high-end oasis areas. Now that the technology has been shown and explained, we’re sure this concept could be duplicated and improved as there were a few issues, including dark clothing not being captured by the cameras. Either way, this is sure to create further interest, so keep an eye out and keep that bright orange top on, just in case! Check out this video capturing the wonders of the Rain Room: