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University of Bath Invest in Sony’s Laser Projectors

Interactive technology has become more and more prevalent in Primary, Secondary schools and colleges. Yet many universities across the country seem to be slightly slower on the uptake.

Not so with the University of Bath!

In 2015 the university committed themselves to create immersive, informative learning environments across their campus.

With efficiency in mind the university turned to Sony to design and implement a solution that featured six VPL-FHZ55 and four VPL-FHZ700L 3LCD laser projectors with colour brightness of 4,000 and 7,000 lumens respectively.

Although here at Paragon Multimedia, we advocate the shift over to Interactive Flat Panels as they offer high quality screen resolution, are hardly effected by ambient light levels and require virtually no maintenance costs – not needing lamp replacements, it is great to see Universities investing in their Audio Visual equipment to enhance learning for their students.

Information obtained on the 04/07/16 from http://www.techandlearning.uk/download/university-of-bath-engages-students-with-interactive-lectures/

Medical lectures using ghost hologram


There was a huge reaction when Tupac was displayed via hologram at last year’s Coachella Festival and despite its usage for other entertainment; a London university has used the Pepper’s Ghost illusion to enhance its learning opportunities.

Two junior doctors have developed effects so that a large scale hologram can be displayed in medical lectures, with last week demonstrating a 4 metre kidney. Research in education has shown that more interactive teaching, including 3D, can increase attention span and this 3D graphic can be controlled by the lecturer, so that particular parts can be viewed. The scale of the image means attention to detail required by medical students can be viewed with ease, however both students and professors alike do not feel this will fully replace traditional methods. Dr Sugand reminds us, “Nothing can substitute dissecting a cadaver – it is the optimal and most traditional way of learning anatomy. But multimedia has become a way of complementing, not replacing that process.”

Unlike a standard hologram, the Pepper’s Ghost illusion uses glass or foil combined with special lighting techniques to make objects appear in mid-air. And three projectors are used to create the full colour images but need you’ll need a large auditorium for such big graphics.

The developers are still creating a large library of animations to utilise but it’s unlikely we will see this in action regularly for a while. If you would like more information on education or healthcare systems, please feel free to contact us.

musion eyeliner

A simple diagram to explain the Pepper’s Ghost illusion