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VGA to be completely wiped out by 2015

Vision-TC2-VGATP-300x200All of the major computer manufacturers have claimed that all VGA outputs will be replaced by DisplayPort and HDMI in the next couple of years. LVDS, the native signal that carries video around the computer is being replaced by DisplayPort by giants such as Intel and AMD but what does this mean for the AV industry?

Although DisplayPort is more suited to many of our requirements, HDMI is already used widely and is therefore a more likely choice. The actual cable will likely be replaced by CAT5e and CAT6 (also known as a twisted pair) and although CAT5 in common now, it’s worth making the gradual changeover now.

If you are using CAT5 but with VGA at each end, Vision have released a solution that sends VGA over a CAT5 cable. This device costs roughly the same as installing a 20m VGA cable anyway, so this solution is future proof and inexpensive.

With a similar concept, Vision’s HDMI solution can send the HDMI over CAT5e and CAT 6 cables whilst converting and amplifying the signal over all four twister pair wires.

Even more complex is HDBaseT, which allows up to five signals to pass through a single CAT6 cable without compression. This innovative technology is the first step in eliminating the need for a power supply and this will allow flat panels to become thinner and lighter but for now the concept is very expensive.

These particular products are likely to favour digital signage applications thanks to their affordable price and professional quality. If you would like further information on cables and networking, please feel free to contact us.